Monday, December 28, 2015

Stupid people

We watched the other night as a line of thunderstorms streamed across our part of the state, bringing with them torrential rain and tornadoes. All of the local TV stations interrupted their programming to carry live coverage of the conditions along with warnings for people to get into their safe rooms of their homes. On the ABC affiliate, WFAA-8, there was a football game. Duke and Indiana. Not exactly two power houses of collegiate gridiron tradition. True, it was a close game. But the weather trumped the4 excitement of one of 60 bowl games during this season of forgettable football.  The stations even put the game up in a split window for the die-hard fans, until all hell broke loose on the east side of the city with people being killed and homes destroyed.  The station cut away to full screen and full attention to the storms. And football fanatic started writing stupid hate emails to the station and tweeting all kinds of idiotic messages.

The station kept its coverage on the emergency at hand. Good for them. Countless lives were saved because people were forewarned about the on-coming monster (F4) that was barreling toward them with all kind of mayhem. No one was saved or spared anything by watching Duke and Indiana. You could read about the game in the nest day's paper, or watch highlights on ESPN later that night.

The people who protested the station's judicial switching away from a stupid game to life-saving information are the same kind of people who are currently being pandered to by the political parties.

It is time for America to become smart again. tolerant again. And patient with each other again.

I applaud WFAA 8 for their actions; and as for the naysayers, if your whole worldview is centered around Duke versus Indiana, you have a very shallow world. I pity you.

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