Sunday, May 17, 2015

It is time the shooting stop, or we all take aim at the NRA.

In Texas, our state legislators want to put guns in the hands of everybody. All the time. their employers,  the NRA have deemed it so.

In schools.  In churches.  In bars. In banks. In grocery stores. Open carry everywhere. On university campuses, for God’s sake.  Put a freakin’ gun in the hands of young men whose hormones are raging... Put a gun on your hip, dude, you’re in Texas.

Then today’s headlines.  “Nine lives lost in biker shootout in Waco.” Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to lose a minute’s sleep over a bunch of bad-ass bikers taking each other out or the police taking them out during a gun fight.  But I am concerned about the callousness of our society that the gun has become the Almighty.  The gun is Supreme Being in the Lone Star State. And open carry means any fool (on a bike or not) can carry his death machine around with him or her, and use it at any time.

This foolishness has to come to a halt. The second amendment didn’t mean for this armed lawlessness to go on. It was aimed at supplying a “well-regulated militia” with the means to protect itself from insurgents and wild natives. It was not meant for every Tom, Dick and Harriet to have a side arm strapped to their butt looking for a fight.

Get over it. It is time for the Wild West Days to come to a screeching halt.

I am not a fan of the bikers. Never have been. They live by a code all their own. but their shootout occurred in a public place where any number of civilians could have been shot and killed.

Yesterday it was nine bikers.  But earlier it was school children and teachers in Sandy Hook. And moviegoers in Colorado. And college students crouched in a classroom in Virginia. When will it end?  Who has the guts to stand up to the NRA and tell them, “Enough.”

Obviously our politicians don’t. They are too well paid by the gun lobby. Maybe it is time guns are turned on the NRA.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Texas has been invaded!!!

Forget the Army's exercises across a half dozen southwestern states— my state, Texas, has already been invaded.  We now have an entire state full of crazy, right wing idiots.

Some see collusion with the Obama White House and the Military in the Jade Helms 15 exercises. They predict that we will be overthrown as a state and rendered captives of ISIS. (You can’t make this stuff up…they actually say nutty stuff like this.) Others know for sure that contrails from jets passing overhead are laced with mind numbing gasses that the CIA is using to control our brains. (Obviously in their cases it must be working.)  Others are sure that Obama is coming for their guns.  (In fact, recently on one of their radio call-in shows. one listener said that his guns have already been confiscated. I wonder who ripped him off?)

Some of these numbskulls think that Obama is not going to leave office.  A few have suggested he is secretly running for a third term.  He is going to undermine the constitution and run again. I heard Rick Perry say he thought that was crazy nonsense.  He couldn’t believe fellow Texans even thought like this. (We all know Rick is the only living soul you can't get out of office once he's there.)

A few of these radicalized thinkers believe in a trilateral commission that, along with the UN, is going to overthrown America.  Why would they want to?  And if that's not weird enough, some of these halfwits want a woman to carry to full term and already dead or dying fetus in her womb.  Why?  Because it is God's will the fetus died. She should respect it by carrying it full term — forget that it could cause sepsis and kill her.  Her life isn't important. In fact, most of the Bible beating born-againers believe that a woman's role is so subservient to a man's that he should be able to cast her vote in elections for her. Surely she is not capable of such deep thought as to who should rule us.  And even suggest a woman be elected to the Presidency and they go into apoplexy about a woman’s role is beneath the man and no man should serve a woman nor take orders from her. (They quote the Jewish Book of Fairy Tales about this, forgetting Golda Meir in Israel had a pretty successful and long run running God’s people’s land.) Forget about equal pay. No way. Hell, some even believe a rapist should have parental rights in the case of a pregnancy. That the rapists should have a say whether or not a woman receives an abortion due to his felonious act.

They want to end welfare.  End social security. (They have no idea where social security comes from, but then again, most of them can't read.) They are by far and away against intellectual discourse and higher education. To them the only good thing a college is for is the football in the fall. And scientific reasoning is out of the question with these mental morons.

The world is 6,000 years old and that's it period. Forget about carbon dating (which they say is a sham) and geological strata dating. Noah's ark had men, women, children, lions and tigers and dinosaurs on it for forty days and nights.  Really?

Yes, these are the people who invaded Texas and now sit on our education board in Texas. They sit on our medical boards, our school boards, our legislative branches, our judiciary and, as most of you know, they represent us in the halls of Congress and the United States Senate.

It amazes me that a state, which just a few years ago had a progressive governor and had Texas schools in the top 10 in public education, now has these creatures, these belly crawlers, running Austin and speaking for us in Washington.  God help us.

The invasion happened.  I personally blame the republican Yankees who moved here into our suburbs from places like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Their numbers grew and grew until they infested the entire Lone Star State. Now, we even have a Canadian U.S. Senator.  Or is he Cuban?

As with most impoverished third-world countries, the village priest or medicine man is the guy who holds juju over the people. He is the thought leader and spokesperson for the tribe. Same is true here in Texas.  TV Evangelist and preachers are the embodiment of this movement. Preaching their hate-filled gospel from pulpits denouncing every minority that doesn't look like them, talk like them, or worship like them as "commnitst" (stet). “Queers need to be kilt and sent to hell,” said one Gospel beating, love thy neighbor as thyself, TV mouthpiece for the Loving God almighty.

There is only one way to get rid of them.

At the polls.

That is the pesticide that will rid us of this swarm of vermin creating such a foul and pungent odor in our state. And it is the only way in which we will get rid of the pests.

But it most be applied over and over and over.  At the local level. At the state level and at the national level.
So please do not worry about the United States Army, Navy or Marines coming to take over Texas.  You’ve already lost your state to invaders from another dimension…time travelers…that have us returning to the 1950s.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Let's clear the air about the EPA.

It is being reported that Untied States representative from Colin County, Texas, Sam Johnson, is introducing legislation that would defund the EPA.

Let's think about that for a moment.

Dallas and Houston have just been ranked in the top ten cities in America with the worst air.  That’s right worst.  Ozone and particulates horribly high.  And the reporting was done by the American Lung Association, not the EPA.

The EPA's job is to police our air and water to see to it that it is clean and fit for human consumption. And now as we are outgrowing the state's resources for self-policing and the EPA is stepping up its programs to clean Texas air and water, politicians from the right are calling foul.. (They may not be calling foul too loudly, for their breath is getting short...)

Let see a show of hands...all for clean air and clean water...that would be like at least 80%...(In Texas there are enough nut jobs that 20% would vote against their own self interest.)

So it stands to reason that instead of trying to get rid of the EPA, politicians on both sides of the aisle should be asking, what can we do to make our environment better and more livable?  Of course BIG OIL and BIG Electricity don’t want regulation. Neither does the coal industry or manufacturing.  Everybody wants someone else to watch out for what they pump into our environment. Heaven forbid they actually take responsibility of their own actions.

Getting rid of the EPA is a very bad idea.  Defunding it as Rep Johnson wants to do is equally asinine. And it shows he is a political coward.  Don’t like the EPA. Just shut it down completely.  Oh you can't, you say.  Too many people would get upset with you. So instead, sneak around the ledger pages of an appropriations bill and gut the ability of a governmental division that is in charge of making sure we don't choke on our own air or puke our guts out on filthy water.

The representative from Colin County is just another in a long line of right wing numbskulls trying to get the Kock Brothers and their political hacks what they want — little to no regulation and almost no responsibility.

And you people in Colin County elected this fool...I hope you choke on his hot air.