Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spirit Air…you should be grounded.

Yesterday my daughter’s boyfriend was faced with an armed robbery in Los Angeles. His attacker fled the scene and the police came and reviewed the incident on security cameras from a convenience store and from his hotel. While he was being interviewed by the LAPD, he missed his flight.

Upon returning to the hotel, Holiday Inn comped his evening and gave him a free meal as well as other coupons for their bar. (Which I am sure he used to calm his nerves. Way to go Holiday Inn.)

However, Spirit Airlines wasn’t such a good citizen. They told him since he missed his flight (no excuse that he was detained because of an armed robbery and was being interviewed by the police) he would have to fork over $250 more to change his ticket.

I'm not sure who the bigger robber is here in this story. they guy with the gun or the assholes with the jets.

It is this type of corporate BS that drives me up a wall.  Here a major hotel chain knows how to treat a guest, but this rinky-dink airline doesn’t have the sense to earn a bit of PR and help a guy who has faced the barrel of a pistol on the streets of LA. They are a low cost carrier. They are also a low life airline.

I would hope that if you have the choice of flying somewhere on spirit and some other carrier, that you will remember this story and choose the other carrier.

Spirit sucks.