Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blind Justice. (Really Blind).

In today’s Dallas Morning News, Jacqueline Floyd sets up the premise that we can not let fringe element either in society on the street or rogue officers in the police departments warp our sense of right and respect for law and order.

My argument with this is simply the police are not the problem. Not in and of themselves. Crooks are not the problems. Crazies on the street aren’t either. We know all of these exists and the police are trained in how to handle them for the most part.  What is at question is the Justice system.

I believe the biggest support for the Ferguson families and for the man who was strangled in NYC by the officers, is not so much for the victims, but rather against a very misaligned justice system that seems to constantly let the police off the hook. I can see the conflicting reports in Ferguson creating doubt. (But now the DA has been put under new legal light in his handling of the case and it seems that there wasn’t even a fair Grand Jury hearing….that adds to my argument about the warped system) But take the case in NYC. Video shows the police taking down and choking the individual. Why?  He was selling cigarettes? We as a society killed a man over selling cigarettes? That is what the Grand Jury’s finding equates to. And that is what has people so outraged.

Hearsay evidence not listened to is one thing, but a video of the attack is something else. And it happened again the other day in Cleveland and in Milwaukee, as well. Both on video tape and again with grand juries looking the other way.

Now two twelve year olds, being taken into custody for carrying merchandise (by the owners request) out of a store are stopped and handcuffed. One, who is trying to tell his side of the story is manhandled and a cop who pulls up after the entire event has been going on, sucker punches the kid multiple times. The cop wasn’t even part of the original action. An assistant district attorney in NYC was quoted as saying, the video will not be enough to punish these guys. (It clearly shows all the action.) But the Chief of Police didn’t wait. Just as in the Milwaukee case, the officers have been removed from the force. Now the union is squealing because they want due process. And if it goes before a grand jury they will NOT get due process.  They will get a railroad job to a no bill.


I believe people are afraid to prosecute the police for the fear it will weaken our law and order. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

A rogue cop is just as dangerous as a wild felon. The difference is that one hides behind a badge and the other is looked down by society to begin with. And that is where the article in the Dallas Morning News stops. I think, it should go further. Our justice system is as much to blame in this as rogue cops. The grand Juries who have released these cops back to our streets are sending a message as biased as that of Al Sharpton and his demonstrators. The message is it is okay to kill on our streets as long as you have a badge. We are going to look the other way.

I think that is wrong and dangerous.

The grand juries in Saint Louis and on Staten Island did all of us (Justice included) a huge disservice. Cleveland and Milwaukee followed suit. They turned their back on the law. On Justice on reason.

I support the police. I have friends who are officers in the force and we speak of this all the time. And they are as divided on it as society in general is. But even they cannot look at the video of the choke hold and believe a Grand Jury turned its back on this.

“They got a get out of jail free card, today,” said on of them to me recently over breakfast referring to the NYC case. “Ferguson may have been different, I don’t know. But New York was a black and white/open and shut case. They just missed it.”

Not my words.  That is a cop speaking.

Justice not served. That is why people are anxious.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ninety miles in fifty years.

Ever since my childhood in the 50’s, our nation has had a bone up its ass over Cuba. There are many who feel that Cuba, if not the country, then the concept of the policies led to John Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas.) Cuba. 90-miles off our cost. Cuba – once the vacation Mecca for the jet set on the East Coast, the gaming industry’s golden calf, That Cuba was closed down. Locked down. Shut off from America.

Thank goodness for Mexico and Canada. They at least left small portals open for people to see into the island nation. And what we saw, we didn’t always like Castro was an ass to his people. His “revolution” was a sham. It was a dictatorship for he and his buddies. Che’ would have hated what he did to the homeland.

But we’ve propped up far worse. We have had diplomatic relations with uglier regimes. We have traded with out right enemies. So why is Cuba such a thorn in our side?  Because they whipped our ass on the beaches of the Bay of Pigs.  Little ole Cuba embarrassed the big mean CIA and the US Army and Navy. And we have never gotten over that.

That was 50 years ago.  Give it up. Time to move on. Time to have diplomatic relations — time to have free trade — time to have tourism — time to have two countries 90 miles apart to come together again. I mean think of the cars we could sell there.

If you are one of the ones siding with Marco Rubio in Congress about Obama being a traitor over this, ask yourself this question — did Vietnam cause a domino affect in Asia? Did East Germany corrupt all of Western Europe?  Did Saddam Hussein conspire with Al Qaida in plotting our overthrow?  The answer to these and hundreds of other CIA lies is NO.

NO.  Look at the answer. NO…none of those things that we were scared into believing happened.  What did happen is that our support to regimes like the Saudi’s and the Mubarak in Egypt, as well as dozens of other dictators, have proven to be ineffectual in delivering human rights to the people of these puppet states. Again, the Cia has duped us. Now they are trying to tell America that the move to open Cuba is bad for us. They are working Congress to try and stop this “madness” as one of them said on a talk show last night.

Madness.  The definition of madness is doing something and it failing and then do it over and over and over again expecting different results.  That is the history of the US record toward Cuba.  President Obama is correct.  It is time for a change. It is time we look at Cuba differently.

The cold war is over.  It is time to warm our relations with Cuba. Let’s go have a rum and Coke (made with Cuban sugar) and smoke a Cuban stogie on pristine beaches. And let’s shut the CIA down until they can get on the same page as the rest of us.