Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Geno Smith's jaw isn't the only thing broken.

Ikemefuna Enemkpali, the backup who broke Geno Smith’s jaw has a history of using his fists in violence. The Jets knew of this history. They ignored it.

It is time that professional sports weed thugs like this out of the sporting world.

Enough is enough.  If we can't have law-abiding citizens playing sports, then lets just get rid of sports. I, for one am tired of seeing these idiots bashing fellow players or their wives and girlfriends and then offering "I am so sorry, Jesus." If they can't keep their violence in check, then they don't get to play.

Sure there are going to be scuffles on the field and sure there will be fights, but this guy hit a police officer a year or so ago and here in Dallas, Jerry Jones in noted for hiring the criminal element all in the name of giving them a "second chance." 

I don't buy it.

NFL, NBA, MLB and others should police their players closer and hold them accountable to a higher standard.  Too many young people are watching and learning from them.  And people like Enemkpali are not setting a very good example. In fact, they are hurting the sport far more than helping it.